GSA Presentation, Report Draft Framework, and Survey

The report framework has been drafted and is posted below, along with a presentation that explains the draft and provides more details about the process and a survey to get your input. The presentation is from the GSA Town Hall held September 27, 2016. The draft framework has been vetted extensively, and it accurately reflects the themes that emerged from the workshop and community input. It focuses on part 1 (science challenges); the framework for part 2 (including needs to make scientific progress, community building, education) will be drafted late fall 2016.  Another Town Hall will be held at AGU, and the target date for the report is May 2017.

Your input is needed. We invite you view the presentation, read the draft framework and complete the survey by October 23, 2016. Please stay involved by joining the report listserv [simply send an email to or clock the link in the top menu] and/or looking for updates on this website.

GSA Town Hall Presentation

AGU Town Hall Presentation

Town Hall meetings were held on September 27, 2016 at GSA and December 15, 2016 at AGU to give a status update and solicit input in a community effort to produce a report on “Future Directions in Tectonics”.

Report Draft Framework (part 1)

This is the fourth major rewrite of the draft framework. It has received overwhelmingly positive response from a survey of workshop participants and community members. View the GSA Town Hall presentation to learn about the extensive data gathering and vetting process that led to the draft.

Survey (closes October 23, 2016)

The survey is anonymous, but you have the option to enter your name and email address if you wish.


A Town Hall was held at AGU on December 15, 2016 to give a status update and solicit further input in a community effort to produce a report on “Future Directions in Tectonics”