UPDATE: Community Vision Document Open for Comment (until October 1, 2017)

You are invited to provide feedback on a community vision document on Challenges and Opportunities for Research in Tectonics that has been prepared for the National Science Foundation. Feedback is welcome during a three-week comment period ending October 1, 2017.

The document is based on a year and a half of community discussion and data gathering. This included contributions of ~90 scientists at a 3-day workshop on the Future of Tectonics in Madison, WI, in May 2016. Extensive community input was gathered before, during, and after that workshop, including at town hall meetings at the national GSA and AGU meetings, through online surveys, and through focus group discussions. The result is a community vision document that incorporates the opinions of hundreds of scientists and includes direct contributions from over 65 people.

This vision document is organized around five scientific grand challenge themes that emerged from the large pool of data collected from the community. In addition to highlighting new research frontiers and opportunities, the document identifies critical gaps/needs that are holding back research progress. It also expresses the importance of interdisciplinary research and societal engagement, and defines promising paths – including infrastructure – that can enable major advances in the next decade and beyond.

The document is available here:


Note that the document pdf is relatively low resolution for accessibility. The final product will be available as both a higher resolution pdf and hard copy.

The feedback form can be accessed at:

On this form, you will be asked three specific questions:

Q1: Are there any factual errors or better examples that can be used to illustrate the Grand Challenges?

Q2: Are there any important needs and requirements to make progress that you think are missing?

Q3: What elements do you think are most important in the “Achieving the vision” section (Chapter 6)?

Public comment by any interested scientist is open through October 1. After that deadline, the writing committee will address the comments and finalize the document by early November. If you have any other feedback or overarching comments, you can also contact the Writing Committee Co-chairs Kate Huntington (kate1@uw.edu) and Keith Klepeis (kklepeis@uvm.edu) via email.

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